If you are a startup or small-medium business you are struggling with 2 things:

  1. How to attract sponsors to help you create your events
  2. How do you grow your business explosively

There’s one sentence in life that we think is key when it comes to business.

Sell what you believe.

We believe that live event experiences are the rocket fuel to drive growth for your business, to connect with your community, and to build a legendary brand.

But still isn’t easy to create event experiences that attendees love.

Today we are going to talk about a VR technology that we developed here at Youcanevent.com, that simply makes it possible 100% to attract sponsors, deliver an event experience that people love, and generate a massive brand exposure pre and post event.

Youcanevent.com is an online marketplace where you can visualize your next event in VR (before the day of the event), and simultaneously book the vendors needed for your event experience.

Why startups should care about this?

Because merely by $250 for a small-mid scale event, you can have an event environment in VR like this.

You heard well $250, for an immersive Virtual Reality world, where you can transport your fans, community, customers, partners, and vendors and generate a pre-excitement about the event before it happens.

Again, why this is useful?

Because you can bring a brand like Google and have them exposing Google Cloud on a TV screen, or Banner, or Speaking session and visualize all of these initiatives before the event, and share them!

Can you imagine the power that you will get to make yourself ready to grow the pyramid and attract market leader brands to work with you?

Can you imagine, the pre-engagement that you can create with attendees by having them giving opinion, feedback, constructive criticism about the vision of your event?

Let’s break down this by bullet points:

  • Connecting the dots
    The vision of the company with the live event experience, and how the sponsor can be part of the narrative
  • Sharing the vision of the event
    Be bold. Don’t be afraid, create your most disruptive approach in your live experience and connect that with the mission and vision of your brand. There are plenty of market leader companies out there looking for innovative and differentiated ideas.
  • Driving mutual lead generation for the sponsor
    Attracting leads for the sponsor that will be showcasing his brand at the event, but at the same time taking advantage of the awareness given by the sponsor to drive growth and leads to the startup

  • Why VR is the secret 
    Spending upfront money in a virtual reality environment = to save money in the total event planning budget.
  • Live experiences are the most impactful way to get the first customers, partners, and fans
    Bring yourself and your team to the live event, and engage 1 to 1 with your potential customers, partners, and fans. There’s nothing more powerful than sharing the vision of your dream in person.
    The opportunity that you have in creating content is also huge. Do interviews, take pictures, create quotes and share on your social media by tagging the participants in the content.
    This is a proven method that drove huge awareness for brands like Facebook, Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Microsoft and a bunch of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Set yourself apart 
    By creating a remarkable event experience that attendees love, and generating pre-excitement before the day of your event, is a great catalyst for a potential PR cover, or journalist interview.
    A real use-case at Youcanevent, was that because of this technology, in one of our events we had as Keynote speaker Dave Meltzer (top5 public speaker by Forbes and host at the Entrepreneur elevator pitch), and he did the live-stream of our fire-side chat on Entrepreneur’s Magazine facebook page getting a 3,000,000 audience in front of us.
  • The right first step
    When we want to drive growth for our company, we don’t know what should be the first steps.
    Again the first right thing to do is ALWAYS connecting with people. A better way than organizing an event?

The value proposition for you as a startup or SMB is that with less than $500 you can start creating the brand exposure necessary to fuel your growth and attract sponsors that will help you create an amazing event experience to engage with your first customers.

Pricing wise the VR environments start at $250.

For more information or watch real customer use-cases feel free to contact our Co-founder & COO to schedule a call.

His e-mail. [email protected]