Organizing an event is never an easy task – that’s why we have folks who make a living from professional event planning. Each event comes with a different set of challenges, hence the problems that event planners run into might never be the same. However, based on our expertise in event planning, we summarize five major errors that event planners usually make. At Youcanevent, we can help you avoid these mistakes!

  1. Failure to Identify Your Client’s Real Goals

More often than not, your clients want to achieve several goals for an event. Whether it’s to increase brand awareness, grow lead generation or add revenue stream, it is vital to prioritize what needs to be accomplished the most. Don’t waste time focusing too much on the small details and missing out on the more important objectives. Instead, brainstorming on the top priorities of the event and what needs to do to accomplish those goals.

  1. Conflicting Events

Do your research on competing events or important holidays that occur in the same time period with your events. You might lose a share of potential audiences if your event is conflicting with another event that is happening on the same day or near your venue. National and local holiday observance should also be taken into consideration. Organizing a corporate party during Easter weekend is probably not the best idea since your potential attendants will all be spending time with their family!

With Youcanevent, you can see events that are happening near your projected events in terms of time, proximity and content. Having not only provided access to a pool of data about events that are related to yours, we also offer multiple solutions to optimize the success of your events.

  1. Miscommunication

In an event plan that’s collaborating with multiple personnel including clients and vendors, it’s important to keep the communication clear and constant for all sides involved. Your client should be informed about the venue and all the details prior to the actual event, as well as any changes that happened along the way. Having clients frequently engaged during the event planning process would create a positive impact on your clients’ side. Using Youcanevent platform, you can keep clients and vendors well in touch until whenever need be.

  1. Too Much or Too Little Social Media

Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, Hashtag here, Tagging there. Don’t be the annoying one who keeps reminding people every hour and minutes that your event is happening in …10 months. Remind them with just the right amount of attention at the right time is usually good enough to have your audience interested and engaged. Also, you don’t want to inform your audience just two weeks prior to a tech conference that it is happening. That’s too little social media.

Have a reasonable, thoughtful social media plan and follow through accordingly. Here’s an infographic from Marketo to help you plan the perfect social media plan for events:

  1. Being Lazy with Follow-Ups

Now, you’ve done a great job organizing the event. You think it’s over! Wait…no, that’s not all! Showing gratitude and maintaining great relationships with your audiences, clients, and production staff, would keep your business in good standing. You want your clients to keep coming back to you years after years. CRM software and email marketing are effective ways to help maintaining communication with your clients on a frequent basis.

In a final note, no event is ever the same. The recurring ones that you’ve been organizing for years will continue to have new challenges, hence it’s always good to learn from past mistakes and keep an eye for new trends in the industry.

At Youcanevent, we don’t only help you to plan events but also to celebrate the beauty of life. Wanna reach out to us? Schedule a discussion session with our CEO HERE.