BAMF’s ”How to Leverage Data to Unlock Massive Growth” is one of this year’s groundbreaking events in the Bay Area. This is as far as data innovations are concerned.
Hailey Friedman graced this event, along with other speakers like Asher King Abramson (partner at Bell Curve) and Vasil Azarov (from Growth Marketing Conference). Aside from blogging at Growth Marketing Pro, she is also the Marketing Head of and the Growth Marketing Manager of RealtyShares. These are all based in San Francisco, California. She is also the President of Badass Marketers & Founders, also more commonly known as BAMF Media.
Hailey studied psychology in college and got really interested in it. She is fascinated by the language that people use and a certain type of language makes them feel. This is one of the reasons that she was excited about marketing and the discussion of the
topics during the conference.

Organization Behind BAMF Media

BAMF Media is well known as a high-performing company. It’s already developed an effective growth hacking formula designed to rapidly build its target audience. They also promise direction by providing breakthroughs for influencers. They do this with the help of viral content marketing.

Check out some services that they offer:

  • ICOS and Crowdfunding
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • E-commerce
  • PR Hacking
  • B2B Growth Hacking
  • Story, Content, and Copy Creation
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Web Designing and Development
  • Chatbots
  • Influencer Programs
  • Consultation

The Temple SF Venue
Looking for the best clubs in San Francisco, Bay Area? This is where the data management event took place. The organizers love this because:

  •  Temple SF is equipped with mezzanine tables and three box suites. Therefore,
    accommodating a lot of attendees will not be an issue.
  • There are lots of nearby parking spaces in the area. There are both free and paid spaces that the attendees can choose from.
  • The overall ambiance of the place is alive with upbeat lights and sounds.

However, these are not too overwhelming as to not absorb the discussion in the conference. They actually referred to the Temple SF as a badass venue!

Importance of Events in Community Building
Almost all community events are gatherings of people with a similar agenda. Every time you decide to organize and make [even] a small event happen, you make the first move to build relationships within the area.

If you think about it, it is also a good way of giving back to the community. From a business perspective, you do not only give the attendees the chance to take part in the event itself. You also give them the chance to meet people with similar interests.

Aside from these, an event helps impart knowledge on people who want to improve their craft. Overall, this helps improve the overall productivity of the community.

Wrapping It Up

  • Temple SF, in partnership with the organizers, launched the most innovative data
    management event this year.
  • BAMF Media made this happen, along with great speakers such as Hailey
  • Temple SF has been one of the greatest places to start networking. Its charm
    mostly comes from convenience, safety, and an overall welcoming ambiance.
  • Events are important aspects of community building. They keep people within the
    community together through spontaneous networking.

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