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Feel how it works has developed a playbook that mixesonline video streaming, virtual reality and engagement tools that allow you to

host your event online.

For event organizers

Better than using video conferencing tools like Zoom or Youtube, where you can't actually measure engagement, why don't you recreate a venue or conference in a virtual environment?

Each attendee joining the the virtual event environment has an avatar that allows you to interact with other attendees and watch live-streaming presentations from keynote speakers in side of the environment.

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For artists

Artists and Record Labels now have the option to replicate concert venues that allow them to invite thousands of attendees.

The whole virtual experience can be streamed on Twitch, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, or any other platform.

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For retail stores

Stores beyond e-commerce websites or platforms like Amazon stores are stuck and cannot provide the same experience virtually as they do in-real-life. Youcan replicates the feeling of visiting a physical store, and with our technology we can show them the real experience virtually.

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Video live-streams, ticket selling, social engagement, or e-commerce, inside of each virtual environment you are limitless.



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Access any virtual environment through your favorite device

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Youcan See VR headsets

Youcanevent developed the best VR headsets ever made, that share the environment that you get immersed in the front mirror to become more fun and interactive to the people around you.

Global aid. Youcan is helping rebuilding local economies

With the Youcan online virtual technology we can recreate any kind of physical space, virtually only that can be accessed through a smart phone or laptop, and provide an in real life experience of visiting a store, attending an event, or enjoying a concert.

All the environments include integrations with the world's best technology companies such as Shopify, Youtube, Spotify and many more.Some examples below include some of the visual experiences available on our platform, and what our technology can do for your country.

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