Wondering how to make your crowd go wild and react?

A UK born DJ that learned the art in the City of Angels perfected it in the land of the Vikings and that took over Frisco (and the Bay Area), is one of the featured vendors this month of August on Youcanevent.com.

Rhianne Saunders aKa DJ Reaact, have been performing all over the world in cities like Copenhagen, London, and all over the United States.

Rhianne that is perfect for a corporate party. Knows how to read the minds of the crowd, brings the grooves of the best sounds of the 80’s and house music, and creates one simple thing:

Magical sound experiences.

We made an interview to Rhianne, to learn from her all of the stories, industry background and what she envisions for the industry.

  1. How many years have you been playing in events or entertainment shows?

    [RS] Six years

  2. What were the biggest challenges that you faced when doing a performance?

    [RS] Organizer not providing adequate space for my equipment set upOrganizer not knowing what a DJ actually does therefore provides very little information regarding the event. This sometimes means that they leave the DJ out of the event planning and I’m only called upon at the last minute.

  3. Do you find easy to find customers and events to work with?

    [RS] No. It’s easy to find venues but not necessarily the event organizers.

  4. What is your go-to strategy to find new customers, and build relationships?

    [RS] I try to attend as many public events in the city as I can. I like to scout venues and look at whether it’d be a good fit for my talents. I like to go to events I believe should have a DJ working there. Then try to get in contact with the planner or organizer during or after the event. Social media is also a go-to of mine. Whether it be for responding to open calls or just for scouting events.

  5. Do you find it to be an easy process? What would you like to be improved to help artists like you to get more gigs?

    [RS] I suppose that would be publicity. There are many corporate events that could use a good DJ, and often the planner responsible doesn’t know where to look. It’s a skill set that is unique and for the most part the barriers to entry are closed. There is no “DJ directory”, thus it’s hard to find a good DJ, one you can trust and one that you know will be a good fit for your event. 

  6. Did you ever have any special event that you’d like to share with us?

    [RS] I don’t plan events, I play them. So I can tell you that I’ll be playing a SPARK food truck park on Sept 1st. Come by, dance and have some fun. You can also catch me at Ginger’s and Swig in downtown San Francisco.

  7. What was the best moment in your career as an artist?

    [RS] Playing a festival in Copenhagen Denmark in front of a crowd of 4,000 people. The energy was amazing! It’s definitely been a highlight of my DJ career.

  8. How do you record the moments experienced on each event that you played?

    [RS] I take pictures with my phone when I get a free moment. I’m really into my music so I often forget to snap a pic 🙂 Often the venue I play at will have a photographer and they’ll capture the moments for me.

  9. What would be the advice that you’d give to any artist that is starting their career?

    [RS]Practice your craft and believe in yourself. Always strive to give the best of your abilities and continue to learn from others in your industry.

  10. Describe in one sentence what means for you being a DJ.

    [RS] To be able to share, make people happy and have as much fun as possible demonstrating a skill you love.


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