Way back, events are only held as a form of socialization. Now, this is seen as one of the most effective ways to promote brands and network with other people who have similar interests in mind. Even start-up businesses are clamoring to attend events that can help them improve, connection-wise.

The Event Marketing School is a collaboration among experts in both events and marketing fields. This aims to boost awareness for the attendees, as far as networking, promotion, organization, and other aspects of the events industry are concerned.

Imagine if you can visualize the event that you are planning without physically being there and see the end result, months before it happens? Would be great right? That’s what Youcanevent’s team offers as an innovation for the events industry – through virtual reality (VR).

Youcanevent as a Game-changer

Youcanevent has proven time and again that their online event marketplace system is the bomb – what, with a sophisticated mechanism that can significantly cut event preparation time, what is there to complain about? They have one of the most active communities that can not only save a lot of time but can also ensure that you can get the best vendors that you need for your event in less than 24 hours. With the introduction of VR in their offers, the system also improves the vendors’ business by providing them with the following benefits:

  • A chance to plan ahead on the organizers’ end
  • Interactive event experience
  • Improved set-up efficiency
  • Better visualization before attending an event
  • Improved event experience for the attendees, partners, sponsors 
  • Help sponsors visualizing their investment in the booths

Picking the Great Brains

Four experts participated in the Event Marketing School interview to collaborate on the latest trends in the events industry. These are:

  • Antonio Trincao - Youcanevent
  • David Eipstein - Bizzabo
  • Mark Mendel - 99starts
  • Paolo Privitera - Evensi


Here are some key elements that they discussed:

  • Millennials prefer experiences over objects. Thus, the event industry needs a technology that can help them network with one another aside from the conventional medium that social media can bring.
  • The technology for millennials should have a layer of “human element” as well. Two-dimensional video chats won’t cut it – the industry needs something more interactive and conducive of producing more experiences for them.
  • To up the networking opportunity without being physically present in one place, it’s recommended to have a functionality that can help attendees easily jump from one talk to another when attending an event. This will help them maximize the experience and the benefits that they can get when attending the gathering.
  • The next big step is towards the use of virtual reality. Some of the significant predictions during the interview are how it can greatly help in the data field. They also postulated that through VR, anyone can communicate with everyone in the event holding area. This is a great technology to explore for both vendors and attendees alike.
  • VR can help organizers learn in advance the best day of the week to hold an event. The demography can also help predict the costing for the particular event.


If you’ll look closely, these points greatly support Youcanevent’s claim that the VR can indeed be a great addition to any event out there (of course, with proper planning and execution). The rest of the speakers chimed in and provided complimentary elements that support how VR can be used to reach out to a lot of target audiences.


The Essence

  • The conventional event experience is over; it’s time for a great change! Embracing innovation and technology is a good start.
  • Consider adapting an event innovation such as Youcanevent’s VR technology.
  • Organizing events is just a small part of upping your game to grow your business. This requires continuous and consistent high-quality work.


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