No truly unforgettable business event is complete without a real-life opportunity for attendees and hosts to network and strengthen relationships.

Say you want to make an income while making an impact?

There is more to crystal chandeliers or the festive menu my friend.

Putting in the thought and effort into having an awesome event is so worth it! Not only do you build this unique relationship with your attendees but you strengthen partnerships and build brand awareness during your event.

Organizing an event is an exciting time for every business.

You might be launching a brand-new product or service, or opening to the public for the first time. Whatever the purpose, for sure you’ll want it to have a great attendance and create positive publicity.

Hosting a successful event can sometimes become a careful balancing act, as the struggle becomes finding a way to stretch your limited budget out into an unforgettable night.

With new competitors popping up around every corner you’ll also want it to STAND OUT from the rest.


Venue Hunting 101

The right venue can determine everything for your business.  So, if you’re not sure how to get started finding the perfect venue, we’ve listed the things that you might what to consider  to find the perfect venue :


  1. Check  Your Guest Count

There are some venues that have a maximum capacity that they accept — so make sure you inquire about that before signing any contracts. Even though space is big, some venues restrict their guest counts to 500 or less.


  1.  Location

You’ve probably already considered this. Beyond the beautiful setting, you may be looking for a venue within a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work. If some of the attendees will be coming from out of town, a venue near the terminal or airport or maybe their hotels will be beneficial.



Would you like to reduce the chance for your attendees to be late during your event?


Suggest using a navigation app,   with GPS maps, driving directions, and real-life parking/shuttle information at their fingertips, your attendees will feel relieved.



  1. Space Within a Space

To find a perfect venue, you may want to have a rough idea of what types of activities you’ll be including, the amenities you’ll need, and the needs of your team and the attendees.


  1.  Ambiance

Pay special attention to the existing decor inside the venue.  What is your idea of a beautiful setting? Do you want something that has crystal chandeliers?  If you’re going to have a gala, you’ll likely need different venue accommodations than you would for an expo. The lesser the ambiance matches the desired feeling of your event the more decorating you’ll need to do to make up for it.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility relates to the chance that everyone, especially those with special needs, can access the building and its amenities. To find the perfect place, you’ll need to understand who your attendees are and what their special needs are.


  1. Parking

There is nothing worse than a venue that has limited parking.  Evaluate how many parking stalls there are and also if there will be other events going on at the same time.


If there is no parking area  available, you still have a couple of alternatives:

  • You can reserve parking lots for your attendees near the venue and either include the cost in the ticket prices or have attendees pay after they park.
  • Check for  Uber and Lyft discounts that they offer for events. You can negotiate with them to set this up and distribute the promo code to your attendees.
  • You could offer valet parking for the event. Providing a valet may be essential if the event is an upscale event such as a gala so that they won’t have to be compelled to walk long distances to retrieve their car.


Visualize Your Event in Virtual Reality

Finding the right venue for your event and visualizing the event using an illustrated floor plan can take up quite a bit of your time. Thankfully the technology can help you save time.

On top of having an online marketplace filled with high-quality vendors, our platform allows event organizers to visualize the event before it happens using virtual reality.

Virtual reality is transforming the way organizers, sponsors, and vendors engage with attendees at events.


Technology continues to propel the events industry to new heights. And among the event trends, virtual reality has become essential catalysts for innovation.


Why Should Event Organizers Care?

So you are probably wondering what VR has to do with event planning? With so much potential, VR has the ability to change the way we plan events.

It lets you create an innovative event with less time wasted with 100% assurance that the event will be a success!

Watch an event organizer use-case where the event went from Virtual to Reality, by creating a conference that people love.

Finish Unforgettable

Finding a beautiful setting for your event can take up quite a bit of your time.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your event’s venue.

Be realistic about the venue you settle for, do not just take the first place that you view – shop around and do your homework – you may just find a better deal or a better fit.  This is a real-life experience that will be linked to your brand FOREVER.

So make it count.

A  successful event can take your delegates’ experience to the next level.  The goal is to have your guests to leave your event and remember it for all the right reasons, so give that final positive rush of energy.

Have you chosen your budget venue?

Get in touch now to see how we can help you transform your venue and make it unforgettable.