No one wants to work 24/7 in the office for the rest of their lives. Even if you’re a workaholic, it’ll surely wear you out! Before you even see signs of employee burnout, consider throwing a party their way!

Aside from being interactive, the best corporate events are good means to help engage the employees and boost their morale. If your team is within the sales line of business, you should highly consider this because occasional unwinding has been statistically correlated with improved work motivation levels.

Keeping Things Together for the Celebration

No idea on how you can make the corporate party the talk of the town? We got you covered!

  • Look for the suitable venue.

Elegance is the key here. Remember that the venue should not be tacky and should look neat and professional. Go for a venue with a large space that can fit 20% more on top of the possible attendees. Ensure that this venue can provide you with proper lighting and a functional lights and sounds system. That way, you can further maximize this space without having to hire separate suppliers to get things together.

  • Remind the team about the details of the business party.

Ensure complete attendance if possible.  Giving away some neat incentives can increase their chances of attending. Just make sure that when they do come, they’ll enjoy the day and not regret coming after all.

  • An opening speech is in order.

Have a person of authority (i.e., manager, director, etc.) formally welcome everyone with a short and sweet inspirational talk. It may be insights about the event or about the company. Let them run wild with ideas to execute.

  • Also take this opportunity for the managers to talk about brand vision, objectives, and key strategies to further improve the line of business.

That way, you can save time because you had the chance to provide fun for everyone. At the same time, you have somewhat addressed important points for future discussion in the form of a “mini meeting”.

  • Program-wise, you may include public announcements.

Recognition of noteworthy people who took the extra mile to give their best in their work is also a good idea. You may even provide them with tokens such as trophies. In line with this, you can also conduct talent contests in the corporate functions which can double as intermission numbers.

  • What kind of party is it without any games or challenges for everyone?

Aside from having more fun stories to fill the office pantry with, this is a good way to strengthen the bond among the team members. Encourage everyone to join if possible.

  • Never underestimate the power of entertainment and food.

Some corporate party entertainment ideas that you can get onboard include a band and/or a DJ. During idle periods, you may even flash some photos of the team while at work and during the past vacations that they took together. Reliving such warm memories can add a nice touch to the event as well.

  • If the budget still permits, provide souvenirs for the attendees.

Photo prints from a hired photobooth is a good start. You may also provide office items that bear the logo of the company so you can provide a personal touch to the items.


In a nutshell…

  • Organizing a corporate party with the help of a corporate event planning checklist will take more than just a few days. Plan ahead.
  • Make announcements and conduct surveys to see a good schedule where you can set the party. After all, this is mainly for the employees.
  • Don’t forget to take it all in during the day of the party and just enjoy with everyone.

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