“EVENT planning is fun!” said no one, EVER.

If you’ve ever had to organize an event from start to finish, you’d have experienced the strain of seeing the same vendors hawking the same portfolios, without the smallest idea of their true capability.

Let’s face this head on – it’s A LOT of work planning an event. But what usually gets left out of early discussions is that in order to successfully plan events in today’s world – there’s a decent amount of marketing strategy built into all of it as well.

You’re going to have to market every small aspect of your event to the attendees to get them experiencing it in the way that you want it.

Of course, to have an event people will love.

Sounds stressful, right?

Don’t worry. While getting better with the event planning might take time and hard work, it doesn’t have to be harder than it already is.

By combining traditional fashioned values and using cutting-edge event-planning technology, Youcanevent aims to upscale the event planning market while providing innovation.

Welcome to the future of event planning!


Youcanevent brings a breath of fresh air in the event planning market.

Youcanevent is an online marketplace making its expertise and its products available to help its customers plan their own events.  The event planning platform brings interactive event planning as close as your personal computer.

Youcanevent aims to demystify the planning process with its efficient and user-friendly online platform.



Finding the Best  Event Vendors


Youcanevent is leveraging an online marketplace filled with high-quality event vendors with tons of experience and is harnessing the power of virtual reality to help visualize the event before it happens.


The Youcanevent marketplace is the solution to fruitless hours of trawling Google to find suitable vendors with the right portfolio, vision, and price.  

Instead of looking for the event vendors,  they will be the one to send you proposals depending on the theme/goal of your event.

We have an impressive roster of vendors who have the same desire to be the best at what they do and provide unmatchable services. Vendors listed on the platform have an extensive and varied portfolio of past events, services, and reviews on the profile page of each vendor.

Youcanevent provides its own internal messaging system which allows users to track and manage the numerous correspondences they have with vendors in search of the most suitable quote. This is our way of streamlining the process.




Event Planning Transformed With Virtual Reality


We have the first online marketplace that lets you visualize your event in a virtual reality environment and simultaneously book the vendors needed for the event experience.


As you already know, celebrating at a unique setting can elevate the affair. Sometimes your choice of venue influences all other aspects of your event.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a venue for your event. The biggies are capacity (Will it comfortably accommodate your guests?), location (Does it work logistically for you and your guests?), and décor (Does it fit your personal style so you don’t have to spend extra to redecorate?).


The best way to do this is to visit the venue, but due to factors such as time and distance, this isn’t always possible. With Youcanevent ’s virtual reality technology, we help transport clients into the venue, immersing them in an authentic sensory experience that truly lets them visualize their event. We can sell them the experience on the spot. Having the event venue in VR lets the event organizers effectively market to possible event guests, speakers, and sponsors in a way that still photos and videos will never accomplish.




Empowering Users

While we aim to transform the industry, we understand that the human touch can never quite be replaced, and the execution does require an actual person. What Youcanevent hopes to achieve is to improve upon existing processes and practices, and to make the event planning industry more competitive and transparent.

Using a  deliberately simple interface,  Youcanevent thinks like event planners, promoting an intuitively understandable and relatable platform.


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