This is amazing!

This last week was incredible!

It was the last sprint of sales for our first official Youcanevent event in the Bay Area.

The event will have the remarkable presence of Dave Meltzer, ranked a TOP10 Keynote Speaker by FORBES, Investor at Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch and CEO of Sports1Marketing.

Also, we will bring two more panelists to the fireside chat:

Want to know how to use events to boost your brand and business?

We’ve got the solution!

Event marketing is one of the most sought-after growth strategies to grow your network and brand.

Come join us on October 24th at the super chic co-working space, WeWork Transbay to hear from our expert panelists on everything event marketing related and more.

On Tuesday we had the opportunity to meet Ahalya Kethees, an Executive Coach for ambitious male founders and leaders at Coach Ahalya.


Ahalya together with Miko Matsumura led a Crypto Currency Event with the presence of Jeremy Gardner an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blockchain Capital and the Editor-in-Chief of Distributed, a blockchain magazine.

Jeremy has been featured in the press many times as a crypto millionaire under 30 and has spoken around the world on blockchain-related topics.


  • Crypto underground meetup at Covo

Right after the event on Tuesday, we had our best moment of the week doing a site tour with one of our potential customers at a stunning venue.

For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal the identity of the customer, but we can share that it will be one of the largest events created on our online digital platform, with more than 7 services being requested, with a transaction totaling nearly $30,000.

  • Site tour with one of our customers that will become the biggest transaction on of all time

We couldn’t be happier after Nick Larson invited us to join OnePieceWork, a  Boutique Co-Working space that builds your business and team! The OnePiece community has access to our strong network of investors, advisors, engineers, business development team, media contacts, and more.

Every month OnePiece hosts an event that gives the opportunity for startups to pitch their business to a panel of experienced investors.

  • One Pitch by OnePiece Work

At that event we had the opportunity to meet one of the legends for us millennials.

Jeff Burton Co-founder of Electronic Arts, the holy grail for every 90s teen that played FIFA and many other fantastic games.

  • Jeff Burton Co-founder Eletronic Arts

Networking never stops. Especially in our industry.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dan Fennessy one of the Co-founders of Partywithalocal,

Love to party but lacking a killer party crew?

 Whether it’s ‘cos you’re new to a citytraveling solo, or just got boring ass friends… PartyWith is committed to making sure you’ll never party alone again!

The app is available on the app store and google play.

  • Meeting with Dan Fennessy

The sharpest and most elegant moment of the week took place at the Fairmont Hotel, with the 5th Mr. & Ms. Silicon Valley Gala for the donation for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, promoted by Hack_Cancer.

The picture speaks for itself, and we couldn’t be more thankful for such a good moment.

  • Mr. & Ms. Silicon Valley

Next week will be super busy, with the first official Youcanevent event in San Francisco.

Feel free to join us and if you’d like to know more info about the event shoot us an email to [email protected]