October 15th.

I have to tell you that we are officially 9 days away for one of the most awarded events in the Bay Area.

“How to use events to grow your business and brand” with the presence of the remarkable keynote speaker Dave Meltzer, Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Investor, TOP10 Public Speaker by Forbes and CEO SPORTS1MARKETING.

Come join us on October 24th at the super chic co-working space, WeWork Transbay to hear from our expert panelists on everything event marketing related plus more.

Invite 3 friends and get a ticket here.

We started the week saying that  “we’re thrilled to announce that we landed 3 more events in the platform by having one that totally surprised us”…

  • $25,000. Yes, we just had an event request on Youcanevent.com costing $25,000, for a Christmas Party in San Francisco this December.

With this numbers, we can easily reach the monthly revenue of $30,000, proving, one more time, that slowly but surely, Youcanevent is becoming the brand that event organizers choose to plan their events.


On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of attending our partner’s event (Nupur Singh from Young Founders Connect), 101 How to pitch your customers and investors, at WeWork Civic Center, last week.


The event was amazing, full-house, with a lot of energy, and precious content.

We took the opportunity to once again announce our next event on Tuesday Oct. 24th at WeWork Transbay.

Youcanevent is always highly-focused on her community, and last week we had the chance to record the first episode of the best venues to host a happy hour in San Francisco.

The venues visited were 620 Jones, and Pete’s Tavern.

Both of them are ranked as the top10 venues for happy hours in San Francisco, with a unique environment to welcome guests in the best events experiences.

Wednesday, we had the chance to meet this week an amazing person from RocketSpace.

Anne Sophie Busset. is the Marketing Manager, Community + Events at RocketSpace, which gave us meaningful advice about the strategy on how to raise money from investors and extend our partnership network to more institutions in the Bay Area.

To finish the week in a great way, Tyler Yee (the new growth marketer at Youcanevent) just developed a new edition of the Youcanevent brand, that represents the vision of Youcanevent.com, that will be publicized only on Instagram.

This edition serves as the brand for all the vendor’s, event planners and event enthusiasts community.

World Celebration.



We wish a great week to all of you.

All the best,

Youcanevent team,


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