September 23rd,

Sometimes when we think about events, we don’t know exactly what this industry really is.

So today I’d like to start speaking about that.

Do you know that American meetings and events generate:

  • 6.3 million jobs
  • $1 trillion a year in direct, indirect and induced spending
  •  $106 billion in contribution to the U.S. GDP, which is greater than the amount generated by auto manufacturing ($78 billion)
  • Performing arts/spectator sports/museums ($71 billion)
  • Information and data processing services ($76 billion)

If indirect and induced spending numbers are included, meeting and event production’s total annual contribution to the GDP is $458 billion.

The industry directly employs 1.7 million people, which is more than many domestic industries, including broadcasting and telecommunications (1.3 million), truck and rail transportation (1.5 million), and computer systems design and related services (1.4 million).

Meeting and event production supports another 4.6 million jobs in other fields, most prominently in tourism-related industries such as air, urban transit, recreation, entertainment and retail, where the meetings industry directly supports 1.1 million total jobs.

Meeting production also helps employ large numbers of people working in the accommodation (334,000), and food and beverage (478,000) industries.

The study found that 1.8 million meetings and events take place annually in the United States, attracting approximately 205 million participants.

The majority of these meetings (85 percent) require lodging, resulting in a total of 250 million overnight stays by 117 million American and 5 million international attendees. (Eighty-three million attendees travel less than 50 miles or do not stay overnight.) Of the 205 million attendees, 162 million are delegates, 18 million are exhibitors and 25 million are event organizers, staff, members of the press or other attendees.

When a meeting is produced, organizers spend an average of $1,290 per attendee. Incentive meetings have the highest per-capita spend ($1,620), followed by conventions/congresses ($1,430), trade shows ($1,360), corporate meetings ($1,230) and other meetings ($850).

Now that you have an idea of what “the event industry” truly means, let’s see what we did last week, to pursue the vision of becoming the #1 brand of events and entertainment worldwide.

As entrepreneurs, one of the most inspiring books that we’ve ever read was “Behind the Cloud” by Marc Benioff CEO of

Marc constantly mentioned within that book that one of the early growth tactics that he adopted on Salesforce was doing Guerrilla Marketings stunts.

Guerrilla stunts give you an original way to make your brand recognized in the streets.
You can use it as a way to attack competitors or creating funny metaphors with your business.

That’s what we did this last week.

On Tech Crunch Disrupt SF, we didn’t miss the opportunity to show the added value of to the hundreds of attendees on Pier 48.

The stunt joked with the old fashioned way of planning an event mentioning that:

“Planning an event is no longer a marathon”.

Watch the video, and see the results :).

Attendees, companies and even PR all interacted with the Youcanevent team members.

  • TechCrunch Disrupt SF Guerilla Stunt

We couldn’t have had more positive and happy vibration after receiving the biggest purchase ever on

  • Biggest customer purchase in the platform ever $5,000
    On Thursday we had the biggest purchase in the platform ever with more than $5,000 spent in one single event.
    Our customer loyalty base it’s increasing, by turning more and more to Youcanevent as the main hub for events and entertainment worldwide.
    This particular customer will become the biggest customer ever within the platform.
    The feeling amongst the team is amazing. The sensation of watching the online business changing old and boring habits to something easy, fast and fun, is incredible.All the vendors booked for this event, are super excited to provide the best event experience ever.This is the latest testimonial from a vendor that was booked for an event on

Growth never stops. Our vendor and event planner community gave us the gift to reach the 2,000 followers on Instagram.
A truly genuine and excited community engaging in every single post curated on Youcanevent’s Instagram account.

Thank you so much!

Time to celebrate 🙂

  • 2,000 followers on IG
    We have literally 2,000 event vendors and event planners following the Youcanevent brand on Instagram.
    It was a long road but Youcanevent brand, is getting stronger every day, and will soon be known as the #1 reference for events and entertainment worldwide.

Thanks to @Josh Fechter, @Hailey Friedman and all the @BAMF Bible family, our growth is spiking. This week we had 8, again 8 events being organized on

  • More than 8 events began being organized on this week
    After months of curating content to increase the online visibility of Youcanevent, going to events in person in San Francisco, and delivering the best customer experience, the events industry started to look at Youcanevent as a reference, and the growth is here.This is another great victory. Our vendor community is getting dozens of new deals every week, super diversified ranging, all the categories needed for an event.Catering, venues, entertainment, audio-visual, transportation, and photography are the ones often booked.

By connecting the dots with Instagram growth, and high demand for vendors and event planners, our community reached the impressive mark of 300 active vendors in the platform.

  • More than 300 active vendors on
    If you know any event service provider, someone that rents venues for events or provides catering, feel free to share with that person, and get a 10% discount to use on your next purchase on Youcanevent.comAnother battle win, vendors and event planners are choosing as a lead-generation tool to get dozens of new events every week to work with.

Prove with your own eyes, and see what our community members have to say about

  • Joshua  vendor satisfaction Last but surely not the least, this was an email received this week.
    These words represent everything that we dream of.
    A platform that would connect the world of events and entertainment worldwide.
    Vendors using and enjoying a seamless User Interface to create the best event experiences.
    All of us, customers, event planners, vendors, fans and the Youcanevent team, are to be congratulated.

We feel blessed, thankful, happy, inspired, eager, enthusiastic, everything at the same time.

The dream is getting real every day, and only you make that possible.

Join our community today, and let’s create together the best event and entertainment experiences in the world.


Antonio Trincao