Bordalo II, also known as Artur Bordalo, is one of the artists that use recycled materials to wow the audience. He is the genius who loves to assemble, create, recreate, and develop ideas using end-of- life materials. Some of his advocacies veer toward social
awareness, ecological mindfulness, and sustainability.

He got his tag name from his grandfather. Thus, the “II” in it. Bordalo sees himself as an activist and an artist at the same time. Initially, he worked on graffiti during his younger years. He went on to create street art after that. He regards the real world as his
inspiration for his works.

What is Trashedy?
Trashedy is an art show that has animals, especially the endangered species, as inspiration. The animal artworks are made out of the materials mainly responsible for their endangered or extinction status. The result is an air of irony around the finished

This event falls under Bordalo’s art series called “Big Trash Animals”. It mainly expresses the negative effects of pollution, refusal to recycle, and the direct effects of these things on the environment. Trashedy tells a story without saying a word. It bugs your mind to a point that you get compelled to practice zero waste on the environment. Looking at each of his work
compels you to act now.

Heron Arts and Its Charm
Heron Arts is an organization that promotes art and culture based in San Francisco’s Bay Area. As a culturally-inclined group, it aims to bring the artists and the audience together so they can experience the beauty of art in numerous ways.

At the moment, they work on numerous things, including:

  •  Sponsoring relevant productions that promote culture.
  • Supporting arts through local programming.
  • Exhibiting contemporary arts in galleries.

Organizing Your Own Art Show

The best art museums in San Francisco did not happen overnight. In fact, the artists behind these culture-rich sanctuaries had to go through a lot before they got where they are today. There are some tips to get you started:

  • Conceptualize a theme for your art show.
  •  Develop a number of artwork collections to display in the venue.
  • Make a budget plan and get some funding.
  • Create a list of people who are possibly interested to go.
  • Determine your venue and launch dates. Work around this set-up.
  • Advertise. Publish a press release for the event. Attend some panel discussions.
    Publish a catalog while you’re at it.
  • Ask help from your buddies to hang the paintings and display your work. If there are none, ask professionals to do it. Allot at least one week to set up everything.
  • If you plan to sell your work, decide on the price per item.
  • Enjoy the ride on the grand opening day!

In a nutshell…

  • Trashedy is one of the exhibits in San Francisco that “speaks” of the effects of
    waste products not just on the animals but also on the environment as a whole.
  •  Heron Arts is home to a lot of artists in San Francisco. The organization aims to
    support the arts and culture in general.
  • Coming up with your own art show takes a lot of persistence, dedication, and
    hard work. If you decide to push through with it, make sure you can tap on a lot
    of resources to make it happen.

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