Eventbrite has become the world’s largest ticketing marketplace, where you can find the best events happening around you, or sell tickets for your event experience.

Youcanevent is the world’s most active, transparent and honest event vendor marketplace where you can book venues, entertainers, caterers, decorators, photographers for your event and visualize them in a Virtual Reality experience.

It’s been a while since our first approach to Eventbrite team, in early 2017.

The idea for this partnership came after having multiple users on Youcanevent.com that booked event services (like catering, entertainment, and venues) after publishing their event on Eventbrite. Then we had multiple customers that came to us and asked what are the ticketing solutions that we have available on our platform.

This was when we decided to move forward with the partnership and make a full integration with both, platforms.
On Youcanevent.com you’ll be able to sell tickets on Eventbrite through your dashboard, and also visualize the events happening near you (to avoid conflicts) and upcoming holidays.


After clicking the button you’ll be redirected to the Eventbrite dashboard with the details of your event automatically filled and ready to publish.

On Eventbrite.com you’ll be able to access the Youcanevent widget marketplace, through the Spectrum extension, available on Eventbrite Spectrum portal.

We want to leverage the best vendors from the Youcanevent community to work with the best event organizers from Eventbrite.

The integration is already available on Youcanevent.com, and now we are developing the iFrame extension to integrate on the Eventbrite Spectrum Portal.

Coming soon you’ll be able to find the vendors and sell tickets in the easiest way in the world.

Youcanevent team,

Life is a celebration, sing and dance with her.

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