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If you are caterer, decorator, photographer, venue manager, entertainer, printing services company or any other type of event service provider, you should read this.

In the article we’ll outline why you should join Youcanevent.com, and why Youcanevent is becoming the most active, transparent and honest event marketplace.

First things first.

Youcanevent was Co-founded by Antonio and Joao, after 7 years of working together in one of the biggest non-profit organizations in Europe called Azeituna.

Azeituna is a musical group, where men play romantic songs, and world music in theaters all over the world, mainly for college/academic related audience. The group was founded in 92 and since then counts with more 100 members, with an average of 25 members active in every performance (take a look at this video here if you want to see Antonio and Joao performing).

Joao and Antonio, before building Youcanevent made hundreds of event gigs, served as caterers in weddings, bartenders in nightclubs, and managed more than 100 events that gathered 1 million people in total.

After this 7 years of working together, we decided to build a company together (by that time we didn’t know what was a startup). A company that would solve 2 big problems that we always had:

  1. Where to find the vendors needed for your event.
    Our vision was to create a online marketplace where we could find, chat, negotiate and ultimately book the vendors needed for our event.
  2. A way to visualize our event before hand
    This was the moment, that we feel that our “gaming”, more specifically SIMS party house game, gave us a brilliant idea.
    We wanted to have both customers and vendors, to see how it will look their event in less then minutes, in a Virtual Reality experience.

Since the foundation of the company, February 2015, we never stopped and we had more than 100 events created in the platform in Austin, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Manchester, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, New York City and San Francisco.

Now that we’ve shared a little bit of our story, background, right before jumping on why you should join Youcanevent, we’d like to share with you our mission.

We deeply believe that the ultimate form of human life is connected with events and celebration.

Our motto is “Life is a celebration, Sing and Dance with her” (some of our team members even have this sentence tattooed, so you can imagine the level of passion and belief).

Not only we believe, but we take that into action. Last year in partnership with Hard Rock Cafe, we made a surprising event for one of the biggest charity institutions in the world, by surprising their volunteers at the institutions HQ.

(if you are curious to know more feel free to watch this video here)

Now that you have a good clarity on who we are, and our story, let’s jump on the details of our product, marketplace, and how can you benefit from it if you are an event vendor.

There a couple of things that you can expect by joining our platform:

  • 1 to 1 chat with the event organizerYoucanevent is the first online marketplace, where you as a vendor can speak directly with the customer with no, RFPs or barriers. This speeds up dramatically the level of engagement between the customer and the vendor, replacing the e-mails that you usually send back and forth when negotiating with the customer.                                                                                       Screen of the proposal inbox

Screen of the chatting with the customer and budgeting tool on the right

  • 100% free to join the platformYoucanevent, is the first event marketplace that doesn’t charge any fee for event vendors to join. Our business model is that we add on the top of your price a commission fee, that is paid by the customer.
    Our customers see the value and trust on our brand, because of the high-vetted vendor community that we have, virtual reality experience, and event manager on sight that we include in the event experience to help both customers and vendors with any issue they face up in the day of the event.
  • Transparent and honest communityThe relationships established in our marketplace are transparent and honest. Youcan speak directly with the customer, or even call him/her, if you have any additional detail that you don’t know how to explain through the platform.
    A usual question that regularly comes up to us is, “so then if the vendor wants to pay the deal outside of the platform?”.
    We believe that our community sees the value on working together with us.
    Our marketplace is not only a lead generation tool for our vendors but also, a tool to process safe payments, get a proof of a contract, and if needed propose payments in multiple installments (like 30% before 2 months of the event, 10% 2 weeks before, and 60% in the day of the event), through our verified and secure payment system Stripe connect.
  • World class events to work withWe are laser focused in the B2B industry. That means that you will be able to work with the best brands worldwide, and become part of the most creative, unforgettable and unique event experiences.
    In the video bellow you can see a reel of some of the events created in the platform.

    Our customers include:


To finish, I’d really advise you to reach out to one of our co-founders, if you’d like to know more about the platform or schedule a call:

If you are ready to move forward and join our community, feel free to make the registration here.

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