Pedro was the Licensee and Organizer of TEDxBraga and came to us with a slight problem. He had no catering service for his event.

TEDxBraga had almost everything set up, except for the most important thing, food. They had juices, coffee, cake and pastries. Finding someone to provide the main course however was the main problem that was causing him pain. Lots of pain!

They had spoken with several catering service providers, and none had answered in less than one to two weeks. This was disturbing to them, especially because when the crew from TEDxBraga reached out to our team, they explained to us that the main problem was not only the slow response time but also, the high-cost of these services, which included many things that TEDxBraga didn’t need. We quickly booked a meeting, talked a bit, and the very next day we gave them two catering budgets that met their exact needs.

Youcanevent closed the deal with TEDxBraga in the same week. We even set up a beautiful red tablecloth to match the red TEDx logo. Therefore the event went smoothly. Take a look at the pictures below.

Here you can see the testimonial from Pedro in the meetup after the event! As you can see he just wanted to give a thumbs up? to Youcanevent for the service provided.