Following last week’s article on How Technology Could Save The Fyre Catastrophe, we have returned with our second part!

  1. Utilizing Local Planners
    When planning events outside of your area of expertise, such as the Bahamas, a good local event planner can become your best source of help. Their expanded knowledge and relationships of local matters usually cover a majority of event planning. If only Ja Rule hired a Bahamas-based event planner, he could have saved thousands of dollars in executing the Fyre Festival.
  2. Projection Mapping
    Imagine stepping down off the plane into the Bahamas with expectations full of lush greens and leafy coconut trees along with white sandy beaches. As you walk around, you are immediately surprised to hear the sounds of oceanic waves. With the help of projection mockup, event attendees are able to experience the real event. Projection mapping is a technology that showcasing mockup objects onto a surface. With projection mapping, Fyre organizers could see a mockup of the floor plan and facility. Recent technology provides 3D projection which makes the mockup to be as real as possible. That would prevent any unpleasant surprises such as the poorly maintained grasslands where the festival was supposed to happen.
  3. Publicizing Logistics Information
    Now, given that Fyre organizers have everything planned out accordingly following a perfect logistics plan, they could publish all the details on social media. Information such as accommodation and food could be shared with attendees, accompanied by photos and vendors’ names. Attendees have the rights to know where things are sourced from so that mutual trust and credibility are well-communicated between the event organizers and the attendees.

With a large-scale event such as the Fyre Festival, Youcanevent recommends at least 6 months of preparation in advance. Since Fyre Festival is supposed to return next year, let’s wait to see what will happen. We hope it will be a successful event for both the organizers and the attendees. Til’ then, adios!