As a vendor or event planner, you have probably spent a lot of time answering e-mails and phone calls that yield no results. What if there’s a marketplace that serves as an event and entertainment HUB to bring you customers and help to grow your online presence?

A marketplace like Youcanevent can accelerate the entire process of planning events with ease.

One of the biggest event agencies in Hawaii, Gourmet Events Hawaii has signed up to be an official local partner with Youcanevent. From then, every event held in Hawaii will get not only a local event planner but an agency to be assisted with.

We are committed to delivering the best event logistics experience in 24 hours. For event planners and vendors that are used to the fragmented process that involved weeks of research across many different websites, they will find the Youcanevent experience more effective as the process is slimmed down into an effective online process that takes only a couple of minutes.

We take 18% commission on each transaction. Then, we create an all-inclusive marketplace of services for event agencies to find logistics vendor and compare different pricing packages.

Wanna become a local event planner like Gourmet Events Hawaii? Contact us today to become a partner! Youcanevent teams up with 100,000 vendors to be presented on the platform, covering Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, and NYC. We plan to expand internationally to be the best event planning marketplace in the world.

Together, we celebrate life.

I can event.

We can event.

You can event!