Ladies and Gentleman,

We are officially on for the Christmas season, and that means and their community of vendors super excited to create the best holiday parties.

It’s amazing to walk in the street and feel the happiness, caring, love, and hope.

Christmas became one of the most important events on planet earth.

Regards being more a “western” celebration, it’s fascinating to see countries like India and even China, that started adopting this celebration.

Christmas time became for sure a universal event, where together we create a world celebration.

That said, we couldn’t be more grateful for the week that we had.

The week started very productively with a meeting with Michael Williams from

PortalSoft is partnering with over 50 business vendors including Prosperworks, Dropbox, and Slack to help entrepreneurs succeed through savings.

You can use the shared buying power of thousands of entrepreneurs to negotiate up to 50% discounts off business products and services.

Offerings are available in 7 categories: Sales, Marketing, Productivity, Financial, Legal, HR, Benefits, and Travel.

New deals are added weekly and curated to startups using the platform.

Our community partners include some of the top entrepreneurial communities in Silicon Valley.

Our platform has a current reach of 2000 members which will grow to over 10,000 in November. We are proud to name SeedStars, SOSV, INVFintech, and Runway among others as community partners.

  • Meeting with Michael Portal Soft

The best moment of the week was the two events that happened successfully for our most loyal customer US Capital Partners that in less than 3 weeks booked 3 events through

The event had the amazing catering service provided by GreenBox Catering.

Greenbox becomes the best organic catering service for these holiday gatherings. The “guilt-free” food, suits the taste of every guest.

In this video footage, you can watch the environment and get inspired by an event held at one of the hottest venues in San Francisco, the Bentley Reserve.


Our values are transparency, honesty, humbleness and the will to be the best, and our vendor’s community fulfills 100% this culture.

William Kasel, the owner of GreenBox catering shares his experience after working with several customers that booked his service through



Vendors don’t have work without super happy customers, and we are proud to share that US capital partners, is the customer with the biggest lifetime value, with 3 events created in less than 3 weeks.

Vanessa Guajardo, is the Marketing Manager for US Capital Partners and shares her experience after using to create her events.


This event counted also with the remarkable bartending service of Tiana, that gave a cocktail experience to all the guests.

  • Growing 25% vendors database every week
    Youcanevent team is looking for new vendors to join our community. Last week we onboard hundreds of new vendors from our Instagram community #eventplanner and specific Facebook Groups like San Francisco Photography.We are creating the best community of events and entertainment worldwide, with no hidden fees, up-front costs or subscriptions.If you know a high-quality vendor providing services like catering, decoration, venues, entertainment please refer us to [email protected]

    Did we talk about SXSW already? has a bunch of venues in soft hold, that are perfect for people that wants to increase their brand awareness, get more exposure, drive more customers and generate more leads.

    Here’s a sneak pick of the venues available.

    The Vaughn

    The Rock Rose Hall

    The Craftsman

    The Eleanor

    Palazzo Lavaca

    Iron Cactus

    Waller Ballroom


    Rattle Inn


To finish we are launching next week the official TechCrunch campaign for startups, companies, and VCs that are looking to host small satellite events during the conference.

Stay tuned.

Youcanevent team

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