This has definitely been the busiest week in Youcanevent history.

This week was packed full of everything that we need to keep growing our company and our vision of becoming The World Wide Celebration brand.

On Monday, we went to the launch of Delightly Entertainment, an app that will facilitate the process of hiring burlesque entertainers.

Delightly was founded by Zach Boewer, a close friend of ours that is a former VC of Scale Venture Partners (Box, DocuSign, Evernote investors).

The event was great, filled with amazing moments, and a good opportunity to discover new entertainment trends.

Youcanevent and Delightly are moving into a formal partnership to integrate Delightly entertainers on, and serve the needs of Delightly customers that are looking for other services for their events.

  • Delightly Entertainment launch

The best moment of the week was another happy customer.

This time it was TriNet that booked catering and alcoholic beverages through our platform.

The event ran smoothly, all the guests loved the food and the customer testimonial is proof of that.



  • TriNet became a Youcanevent customer.

  • Happy vendor after being hired on
    Marlene Dulary is the owner of Marlene Food Styling and is a shining example of one of the hundreds of vendors on

    On Tuesday, we had one of the best moments in our history.

    We organized the first Youcanevent event, for all of our customers, vendors, fans, partners, and community.
    The event was hosted at WeWork Transbay, and featured the presence of Dave Meltzer, ranked as one of the TOP5 Public Speaker by Forbes, Andrea Long from Lyft, David Mitroff from PiedMontAve and Nupur Singh from Young Founders Connect.

    The talk was all about the biggest business trend of 2017.
    How to use events to grow your business and brand.

    If you’re still interested in watching the fire-side chat with Dave, feel free to click on this link.


  • First Youcanevent gathering in San Francisco at WeWork Transbay. #youcaneventfamily


Also, Entrepreneur Magazine live streamed our fire-side chat for more than 3,000,000 people.
Entrepreneurs, event enthusiasts, and business owners were able to watch the talk from all over the world.

  • Entrepreneur magazine live-streaming for more than 3,000,000 people


It was a super intense, amazing week, and we’re grateful.


Stay tuned with us, and help us build The World Wide Celebration Brand.


A brand that will make it easy for everyone in the world to organize an event and to create moments of celebration.

Join us, #wecanevent.

Youcanevent Team,
San Francisco,

October 29th, 2017

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