And another “crazy”, super productive and intense week.
This is Cohort#9 Blue Startups baby!
Monday, monday, monday with all the samina in the World with our LEAD MENTOR Casey Lau on a Talk Story moment.
Casey is the official LEAD MENTOR of Youcanevent, and we couldn’t ask for better. 
The energy, the passion and the capability of seeing success where everyone see’s failure he’s totally one of us. Our tribe.
Casey is one of the biggest figures of the Entrepreneurship WorldWide.
He was the man that created the STARTUP HK (in HongKong), going from 0 to 5000 thousand members with events every week, and currently he’s the Host and organizer of RISE Conference (The Websummit in Asia. And yes it’s organized from the team of Websummit).
To celebrate the first personal meeting with our lead mentor Youcanevent offered a precious and beautiful T-shirt to officially making him one of our tribe.

António Trincão & Casey Lau on the Left | Casey sharing his story for the Cohort#9 Family.

Before this great talk story António Trincão, had the chance to meet with one of the best entrepreneurs in Hawaii, @Joseph Gefroh from

We are creating a partnership with and Hicapacity to bring all the Tech and Entrepreneurial Community for Cohort#9 Demoday in Honolulu on 7.7.17 at 6pm (shouldn’t be 7pm xD, because of the branding? Casey Lau?)

António Trincão and Joseph Gefroh grabbing a Coffee.

Tuesday. Let’s roll.

Talk story with @Eric Bjorndahl CTO of

One of the most successful startups on the travel industry, giving better tools and accurate strategy for marketing, re-marketing and lead nurturing for travel websites like trivago, tripadvisor or kayak :).
One of the best advises that he gave to us was “avoid burnout”. Work hard, accomplish fast, make it big but find a balance do not “Tilt”.

Then, one of the best moments of the week. António Trincão signing the first round of investment for Youcanevent by Blue Startup Ventures.
Thank you so much for believing on us. We are making it happen and we will till the rest of our lifes!
W*rld W*d* C*l*br*t**n 😉

And now the BEST moment of the week.
Another customer using to plan their events. This time we are talking about
We will show you on the next article the video testimonial of now we just share the remarkable event created through our platform.
The services requested were videography and live-streaming, provided from one of our best vendors Gour Media by Arte Viral. event, videography and live-streaming booked on

Wednesday. That day of the week that you already know if your week is being productive or not.

And EVERY wednesday, Marketing, Design and Engineer team do an agile meeting. We are launching the new version of on the end of May, so we are fully commited and constantly organized to accomplish the deadline.
(another thing to know is that we will be hosting an event at WeWork on TimeSquare on May 30th, and we will present our new platform in first hand. book your ticket here)
A thing that we are totally obsessed and we care a lot it’s the Culture of our company.
It’s open to public, and everyone knows and i’m gonna share with you today.
Our vision:
Being the #1 brand for events and entertainment worldwide by creating an online marketplace where brands, vendors and eventplanners get the best tools for booking, management and communication when organizing events.
Our mission:
- Allowing anyone in the world creating easily an event.
- Allowing anyone in the world providing services for events.
- Giving the tools and resources for you to become a talented event planner.
Our Higher Purpose:
Having humans celebrating life. The w*rld w*d* c*l*br*t**n ;).

We share it, because it’s a thing that our customers, vendors and team members knows very consistently. So you should know as well.
A cool thing that we’ve developed for our Culture sessions was the Five Meeting Positive Vibration.
Basically sometimes when your team is lack of motivation and enthusiasm we should remind that we’re blessed in this life and we have a lot of QUALITIES and SKILLS building POSITIVE vibes on us. And we should take advantage of them.
On this board we’ve written down some of the positive things about our team members, and from our stage, why should we say thank you for the ecosystem that is being provided to us.

It’s in Portuguese the hottest and trendiest language in the Universe 😛

Ok a special gift about culture x). 
We’ve created a daily celebration newsletter on and our readers asked for a celebration moment from Youcanevent team itself.
And here you have. Thank you for all of you. We love you. Youcanevent family :).

Antonio Trincao, Alysson Souza and Thiago Martins. CEO, Full Stack, UX/UI. Strong !

Then another great moment of the week was meeting with @Debbie Zimmerman from
Basically Debbie is the boss of all the relationships related with events, conferences and congresses on the state of Hawaii.
So of course that we went after her (thanks to @Chenoa Farnsworth Director of BlueStartups), and Hawaii get ready to use the fastest event trend in the world :).

Debbie Zimmerman and António Trincão on Youcanevent, Inc. offices in Honolulu — Blue Startups HQ

Thanks the Debbie all of the positive feedback and guidelines. We know that success can only be achievable if collaborate, and your attitude makes Hawaii a better place to do our business! (Amen.)
Stop. Did you remember of Youcanevent Higher Purpose’s mentioned before?
Isn’t just words. We take it very seriously and we EXECUTE every word that we say outside of our mouth.
And because we truly believe on that, we are doing in partnership with Hard Rock Café and on the next Saturday May 27th a Solidary Celebration to help one of the biggest European associations called “Banco Alimentar”.
Find out everything on the post here. 🙂

Thursday morning. Time to know how to keep investors updated. Yep that is important right?
Imagine us working with future investors like Mark Cuban, ashton kutcher or even Bono we want them to be with us 24 hous 7 days per week tuned with us. We want to have them to work with us side by side. We want them working with us more then their own companies 🙂 (ahahah).
Because in the end of the day everything will be worthy because of the Higher Purpose.
Humans Celebrating LIFE. The w*rld w*d* c*l*br*t**n.
So time to talk with @angelloop .

Teaching the investor relation with Igor 🙂

One of the special things about being in Hawaii, is the simplicity of creating special moments with everyone that surrounds you.
We live in one of the “cheapest” hostels in Hawaii (because of obvious reasons, #startuplife) and still i wouldn’t change this for nothing.
Every Saturday we have a free BBQ for all the guests, and unique talks, experiences and lives are shared.
From Philadelphia to Australia. From Portugal to Brazil. The magic of being Humans. Sharing, loving, smiling, laughing and believing in a better day tomorrow.
This is how it looks our humble and happy BBQ.

António Trincão and Richard owner of Hostel The Plumeria.And last but not least, on Sunday the Cohort#9 went on Cruise Tour discovering the beautiful Hawaii.
I will not say to much thing. Just enjoy the pictures.

Alysson and Antonio, Showing how to do It 🙂 #youcaneventYoucanevent,, Aaron MacDaniel from VR FrontDesk and Kevin Tighe from Surf Shop Box.The sailsman.Alysson, Antonio e Thiago. Full Stack,Thank you so much,
Thanks for having me and don’t forget this.
Life is a beautiful celebration and we are here to sing and dance with her.
Youcanevent Family,