Born out of social media and driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), Millennials are increasingly becoming the largest groups of audiences that event planners are aiming towards. Let’s find out what really attracts Millennials to your event. 
Unique Experience

For millennials, the currency of happiness is no longer material possessions. Millennials want unique experiences that become indispensable memories to them. The more shareable and curated the experience, the better. Music festivals are the perfect example that targets specifically to millennials with things such as music, friends, alcohol, Instagram-worthy moments as well as contributing to indie bands and local economies. In a generation of moment-craving millennials, nothing can beat experiences where they can do fun and unique activities, hence creating the memory that they can’t find anywhere else.
Photo booths and fun hashtags would naturally strengthen the engagement between millennials and brands. I mean, how can you not want to take silly photo stickers with your fellow partygoers?

High-Quality Content

According to Splash, millennials are attracted to content that is actually substantial – such as interesting topic, well-known speaker, or networking opportunities. Plus, in an era where millennials ask for each other’s’ IG account instead of cell phone numbers, it is a must for Millennials to go to events of relevant subjects that would make them look good on social media.

Free, Cool Swags

Seriously, who doesn’t like freebies? Cool swags such as Spotify headphones or Snapchat spectacles are what keep millennials entertained throughout the events and rave about the brands on social media after the event ends. Giving out swags generously is one of the best ways for brands to activate at millennial-focused events. For festivals that last several days, free portable showers and branded sanitizers would for sure be extra appreciated.

There are many and more things that could wow your millennial audiences, however, these are the top 3 most essentials based on our experience as event experts. If you could think of any trend that is authentically making its way into the world of millennial events, let us know!