Want something mind-stimulating but need time to take care of your brand? Maybe the largest trade shows in the world are your best bets! Because this type of exhibition consists of companies from specific industries, you can go take a peek at how your business fares against your competitors.

You can also get an idea of the latest market opportunities and trends. All of these while getting the chance to network with potential customers and industry partners. If these are not mind-stimulating enough for you, we don’t know what is!

Keeping Everything Together for the Big Day

Being in the opposite end of these trade shows and fairs (i.e., organizing all the needed stuff) is a different story, however. No need to despair while doing this because we have you covered with these time-tested tricks.

  • Choose a venue with adequate equipment, especially lights, and sounds.

This is crucial, especially for the businesses with custom trade show exhibits. Proper lighting helps them take advantage of the presentation by visually showing off the best sides of their company. At the same time, proper lighting will help the attendees further appreciate what these companies have to offer. As part of venue set-up, also consider what needs to be brought and who will bring the needed items for the ingress and the egress. Call for a meeting regarding this if needed.

  • Set up a spacious and well-lighted check-in area for your attendees.

This helps your receptionists handle the influx of people within a shorter time. As a result, this can greatly reduce frustration among the crowd. Remember that this is important because this generally sets the mood of those who will interact with the presenters.

  • Have a lounge area ready for attendees who may want to take a break.

This becomes an even more important consideration especially if you are expecting attendees who are expecting, differently-abled, or already going through their wiser years. Aside from enhancing the comfort that attendees can have while attending trade shows, this can help in promoting convenience because they don’t have to leave the venue just to have a few minutes’ worth of rest.

  • Assign a team of ushers to help orient the attendees briefly as soon as they arrive at the reception area.

Here are some points that they can brief the attendees with:

    • Schedule (if it will not be posted on the website or within the premises).
    • What to expect.
    • Where facilities and amenities like food stalls, comfort room, and lounge area are located.
    • Where to go next after registration. As much as possible, have another set of ushers to guide the attendees for set-ups like this.
  • Whip up a draft of “house rules” for the attendees and exhibitors alike.

This will help minimize problems that may arise before and during the trade show. You may have to coordinate with a furniture company to rent a stand for the sign that will be posted near the entrance of the venue.


  • Design an efficient communication system with your whole team.

In general, radio communication works but have a back-up just in case. During the event, have alternatives forms of communication aside from mobile phones. If you’re expecting a large crowd, you may have issues sending out messages and receiving calls so this may not be a good choice. Have errand runners who can double as messengers if needed.


  • Consider creating merchandise that can show off your brand as well as that of the event. Notebooks, notepads, and pens are good items to begin with. You may also ask your exhibitors if they want to chip in with their own set of merchandise. This will help expand the sets of items that the attendees can choose from.


Wrapping It Up…

  • Participating in at least one project trade show or fair is one way to get inspiration for your business.
  • Organizing a trade show or fair can provide you with helpful insights and equip you with awesome skills to carry your brand forward.
  • Working with the exhibitors for the show or fair can make or break your professional and personal relationship with them. This depends on how you handled the situations and hurdles with them. Make it count.