Conferences held by NASA yearly in different parts of the US has always been big and has attracted a lot of people globally.

A partnership that is going to shine in the next coming months for sure

Mia Monroe, as a federal contractor for VETS, Mia Monroe plans conferences and events for NASA Johnson Space Center, is very excited about the collaboration with the and to also be able to merge the idea of VR and online event organization in their future events.

The VR technology brought by can immensely help them share the vision they have in mind before the very day of the event. They saw the advantages of using a VR tool to plan the blueprints and where everything will be set up. They saw the advantages of using a VR tool to design the floor plan for poster sessions and exhibits. This approach in event design will allow Mia’s team to provide poster session presenters and exhibitors a virtual view of their location assignments and environments prior to their arrival on site. A link can be created and shared so that everyone on the team and also out of it can view the event in an immersive experience through WEBVR or VR Headsets. They are also given the chance to rearrange and play around with the workspace. Basically, the possibilities are endless with this technology.

Next July 26th, team is hosting an event at the River Studios in San Francisco and will have as keynote speakers on a fireside chat style Mia Monroe from NASA, and Vasil Azarov from Growth Marketing Conference.

(early bird tickets available here)

The attendees after visualizing the VR environment available in the portal below wanted to know more about Mia’s background and suggested some questions.

Before jumping on the interview with Mia Monroe, we want to share with you how it will look like the event on July 26th and all the services we ordered on for the event.

Now let’s go straight to the part that matters.
Interviewing Mia Monroe, as a federal contractor for VETS, Mia Monroe plans conferences and events for NASA Johnson Space Center. On a casual approach here’s what we’ve listened from her:

Credits to Mia’s LinkedIn profile page

[Q] Who is Mia Monroe and how your journey at NASA started?

[MM] I am an event professional approaching the 20-year mark of being in the industry. I started my journey with NASA by chance. It was actually quite divine. I was ready to return to work after being off for a few months with my newborn. I happened to see the role advertised, applied and I was working onsite within a matter of 2wks. It was so unusually smooth.

[Q] How relevant are the events to engage with NASA initiatives and partners?  

[MM] NASA is no different from any other organization that produces events.
The organization uses events as a tool to collaborate, communicate, educate and engage. There’s still a misperception that NASA is dead because the shuttle program ended. However, human spaceflight is still very much alive and well! There are several researchers within the aerospace community working with NASA, developing improvements in space suit design, building the SLS and Orion spacecraft, and studying the effects of short and 
long-term space travel on the human body pre, during and post-flight. Events play a large role in helping to facilitate those very necessary interactions to advance NASA’s mission.

[Q] What were the biggest struggles that you had when organizing NASA events and conferences?  

[MM] When I started planning events for NASA, I had little exposure to government agencies in terms of planning their events.
I had been an event supplier for government clients, but that didn’t give me quite the same insight that I have now. Planning government events has its own challenges and I had to take the initiative to learn very quickly. As planners for a government agency, you always have in the back of your mind that this is being paid for by taxpayer dollars. So, every single cost must be scrutinized and justified, which isn’t a bad thing. However, those restrictions in budgets force you to be creative and resourceful.  My daily challenge is finding ways to be innovative with our event production, much less just staying current with event technology, and still remain within budget.

[Q] What do you think about the Youcanevent VR technology when sponsors are not permitted, for such an institution like NASA?  

[MM] This can be a great tool to use in various ways. We are looking at this tool to aid our poster session presenters and exhibitors. Poster session presenters would have the opportunity to see their position assignments prior to arrival and determine what material they’d like to have that could enhance their presentation.  Exhibitors could also have the opportunity to assess their both assignments to determine what their needs would be as well.

[Q] Since NASA is a hub of innovation and disruption, where do you think that this Youcanevent VR technology will lead us to?

[MM] I really see great potential for use of this tool in the tradeshow world.  Since many planners have to be strategic in how many site visits they do, this tool could be used by venues for virtual site tours.

[Q] How it looks like the NASA perspective on partnering with early stage disruptive technology startups? 

[MM] I can’t speak for NASA, but I think that if it makes sense to and for the organization, the possibility is there.

[Q] Anything special that you’d like to share with the attendees for our event on July 26th?

[MM] I’m not a NASA spokesperson, nor am I a decision/ policy-maker for NASA. I can only provide insight from my perspective as an event professional. All info or feedback that I provide are of my own opinions and do not reflect the thoughts or actions of NASA.

After reading Mia’s interview we want to add some more “spice” for the event and take the chance to share the full scope of the technology.

  • Stimulating visuals are not the only thing Youcanevent offer

Other than the opportunity to organize the event through VR, Youcanevent also boasts a long list of available vendors for their clients to choose from. Instead of going to different places and trying out various things wasting precious time communicating with a number of people, Youcanevent’s platform raises the bar to the next level. After getting the end result of your event alive through the VR technology is time to book the vendors needed on the marketplace.  Being able to have a range of choices is important because this helps in helping you choose the right kind of service, what is needed and will also look good at the same time

Support every step of the way

Probably what the best thing about is this: the platform’s ability to be able to deliver what they promised you. We assure the event organizers and help them get ready for the big day. actually goes the extra mile to make people feel like they are part of a community, by sharing videos from past events created on, to inspire you and teach you what you can do in the events world. The VR quality is incredibly detailed and looks absolutely close to the one in real life. It’s a very WYSIWYG experience that is perfect for those that are not tech savvy and this will offer a unique experience for them.

Our Youcan Helper (customer support) acts as your personal planner and will even plan out the best way to tackle a certain theme. They will remind you of things you need and might need and the options are up to you. It is all fully customizable depending on your taste and budget. This personal flair brings that kind of closeness and the highlights the personable approach the team has.

This excellent support is not only for customers but for vendors as well. Converting well over 421 vendors in a short span of time. The team and NASA management’s collaboration on conferences will definitely be something to look forward to.

Watch the live stream on June 26th and watch as Mia Monroe from NASA answer and discuss how VR is the future of the events industry and how this collaboration with is the best in handling future events.

Life is a celebration,
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