At the moment, there are Vendors all around the world that are unhappy. Mainly, because a big amount of their customers ordered their services and delayed the payment for sixty or more days.

Imagine yourself, working with your company, startup or part-time job, and being always late to receive the payment check. Would you enjoy it? It is not the most pleasant thing to imagine, right? Also, if you’re managing a company you will not have the money to pay to your employees on due time, and that will eventually mess your work style.

While we are waiting for this problem to change, several business owners have contacted Youcanevent trying to understand if our value proposition helps them to make the changes that they need.

Youcanevent has discovered a solution that is working pretty well.

Essentially is to ask every client to pay up to 50% of the service a month before, just to make sure that the Vendor will not book anything to the same date and time. (Of course, there are several twitches here and there, but we cannot reveal everything)

Paying upfront is something that Youcanevent considers to be a part of their Quality Certificate, that assures you that when you use their service, everything that you will ask them it will be safely guaranteed.

Up until now, there was only one client that requested to pay after the event. Just to make sure that we would not compromise the Quality Certificate of Youcanevent service, the Vendor was contacted right away, just to understand if he could do the service without receiving payment or not. Just to make everything clear, we do not accept anything without asking!

Because of the reason that we’ve mentioned earlier, Vendors feel suspicious when there is a new service provider that wants to help them. There are several online platforms out there that scam people, but with our Vendor Services where we assure you a three package deal, you’ll never be forgotten.

Being that, Youcanevent did take a step back to give two forward in the future.

At the moment, all of the processes of event planning happens on the website, with our team of experts all around the world. But in the future, with a new and optimized website, it will be simpler and easier to book a quality service with all of our Vendors (did you know that we’ve got +1200 around the world?).

There are several advantages to subscribing the Youcanevent Vendor Services, read them here. Besides these benefits, every Vendor that is part of this network, will not be left behind. We want to know your future objectives and which goals do you wish to accomplish, we will keep up with you!

Another problem that we’ve identified as well is that several Vendors are fighting against the budget requests that happen to be only budget requests. Most of these requests are time-consuming and arrive by email. While working alongside with Youcanevent, you will only receive filtered requests that will eventually end up by converting into something.

For example:
We will not request a budget for a 100 people event if you have a 50 people venue.
It’s simple as that. We select the best clients that adapt to your service, and you just give us the budget for what we request.

Youcanevent’s policy is to have always a contact available that you can reach out to. Since we offer a 24h Quick Response service to every budget request that our customers make, we will ask you to accept and apply the same strict rules and respect.

Concern, ambition and flexibility, that’s what ask for our Vendors, because it is what we will offer them!

Step by step, with this community we will make a better future.