This week we’ve experienced one of the most impressive events ever seen.

Dreamforce organized by

An event that brought more than 170,000 people to the city of San Francisco, impacting directly more than $137 million to the Bay Area in revenue, according to USA today.

But first, let me share with you the beginning of the week.

We started the week sharing Youcanevent in a live-stream style interview for a community of more than 1000 chinese students.

Under the leadership of James Zhao, SV First was founded in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley First Station is a platform service provider to the world’s leading entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and investors. 
Since establishment, SVFhas have served in Silicon Valley, California, New York, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Hangzhou and other large and medium-sized regions and cities.

For the first three years, Silicon Valley has provided business solutions to more than 100 companies worldwide.
In 2017, the first stop of Silicon Valley set up its first domestic office in Shanghai will devote itself to opening up the channels of communication between domestic and Silicon Valley enterprises and promoting the win-win cooperation between talents and enterprises in both places.

Now SVFirst is focused on bringing Chinese students to Silicon Valley to improve their skills and learn from the hottest entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.

Right after the interview, we had the chance to meet the number 3 miner of Bitcoin in the World.

Chandler Guo is Angel investor and adviser in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups Bitangel including

We talked about how BitCoin and Crypto are disrupting the events industry, and what should be next moves to decentralize the way that businesses are being operated in the events industry.



On Wednesday we went to Coupa Cafe at Stanford, to meet an angel investor and Stanford Business School MBA candidate.

For privacy reasons, we can’t reveal the identity of the person, but it was a very productive and thoughtful meeting where we brought to the table the analysis of the metrics such as:

Overall Marketplace Metrics
Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) ($)
# of Transactions
Average Order Value (AOV) ($)
GMV Growth Rate, M-o-M (%)
GMV Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%)
Take Rate (%)
Revenue ($)
Revenue from transaction fees ($)
Revenue from listing fees ($)
Revenue from supplier or seller services ($)
Buyer-to-Seller Ratio
Total CAC as a percentage of Revenue (%)
Seller / Supplier Metrics
Total # of Sellers or Suppliers
# of New Sellers or Suppliers
Seller or Supplier Growth Rate, M-o-M (%)
Seller or Supplier Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%)
Percentage of Sellers or Suppliers still active after 1 month (%)
Percentage of Sellers or Suppliers still active after 1 year (%)
Average revenue generated per Seller or Supplier ($)
Average percentage of Month 1 GMV generated by Sellers or Suppliers in Month 12 (%)
Percentage of revenue generated by Top 20% Sellers or Suppliers (%)
Seller or Supplier NPS
Seller or Supplier CAC (paid and organic) ($)
Seller or Supplier CAC (paid) ($)
Percentage of Sellers or Suppliers acquired through paid acquisition (%)
Total # of Listings
# of New Listings
Listings Growth Rate (%)
Average Listing Price ($)
Sell-Through Rate (%)
Buyer Metrics
Total # of Buyers
# of New Buyers
Buyer Growth Rate, M-o-M (%)
Buyer Growth Rate, Y-o-Y (%)
Percentage of Buyers who have purchased more than once (%)
Percentage of GMV from Buyers who purchased in previous months (%)
Percentage of Buyers whose second purchase is in a different category (%)
Average amount purchased per Buyer ($)
Average # of Orders per Buyer
Average Order Growth per Buyer, Y-o-Y
Average percentage of Month 1 GMV generated by Buyers in Month 12 (%)
Percentage of revenue generated by Top 20% Buyers (%)
Buyer NPS
Buyer CAC (paid and organic) ($)
Buyer CAC (paid) ($)
Percentage of Buyers acquired through paid acquisition (%)


On the same day, we had the pleasure to meet Ryan Baird.

As Ryan describes himself on LinkedIn, he is one of the Partners at G-Startup WorldWide.

G-Startup Worldwide is a global startup competition held around the world to find the most innovative, early stage startups, invest in them, support them with a global network and enable them to change the world. In 2016, G-Startup invested over $1,000,000 in startups.
G-Startup Worldwide is hosted at each Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in 2017 including Beijing, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Tokyo, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. The local winners of G-Startup Worldwide at selected competitions receive investment. The winner also receives a free trip to Silicon Valley to compete to become the G-Startup Worldwide Global Winner and receive an additional $250,000 investment! All regional winners have the opportunity to go through a boot camp with Google Launchpad Accelerator.

Since 2010, G-Startup alumni have raised $17.2 Billion. We have also had 8 startups get acquired by companies like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, and Pinterest.
Our winners also gain access to the exclusive G-Network, our private network of global tech executives.

G-Startup judges are world famous venture capitalists and tech leaders. Some of our judges include:
Jenny Lee, Managing Partner, GGV Capital
Lei Jun, Founder, Xiaomi
Tim Draper, Managing Director, Draper Associates
Neil Shen, Founder, Sequoia China
Aydin Senkut, Founder, Felicis Ventures
Hans Tung, Managing Partner, GGV Capital
Alfred Lin, Partner, Sequoia

Now yes.

The time to dive deep into Dreamforce week.

The conference brings together 170,000+ members of our enthusiastic and evangelical customer base for a week of powerful sessions, amazing keynotes, outrageous networking, and intense innovation, all about the Salesforce ecosystem.

The best part are all the satellite events organized around the conference, by having the best B2B companies organizing incredible gatherings.

Major props to TalkDesk, DocuSign, WalkMe and much more for making the whole Salesforce week something incredible.

At the TalkDesk party, we had the pleasure to meet Joe Baglieri a former Software Engineer at Yelp.





Than we surfed by the Moscone Conference center doing networking and meeting all the booths, and we found that TalkDesk was for sure the one that stood out in the middle of the crowd.

Amazing representatives, beautiful stand, and a very comfortable environment around the stand.












Also was time to meet a fellow founder of Blue Startups Accelerator program, Chuck Lidell founder & CEO of Valence Data.

Valence is a low-code framework built natively on the Salesforce platform that allows developers to connect systems in days instead of months.

Chuck is a Salesforce veteran, with a remarkable ecosystem and influence in the Salesforce community.



Once again, Dreamforce goes big in everything.

Dreamfest was remarkable.

Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz and much more made the stage of this unique celebration.


On Thursday, was time to sneak from the Dreamforce event and do more networking at one of the best events for Founders and Investors in the Bay Area called Startup Haven.

Startup Haven strives to improve founder success by connecting startup founders with education, opportunities and (most importantly) each other.  We take our commitment to founders seriously and most of our events and activities are exclusively for serious startup founders, execs, and investors.



To finish the week we celebrated the Dreamforce week at Temple SF, at a WalkMe party with more than 8000 rsvp.

Only who were there knows the amazing environment lived.

Dreamforce next year, we will be there!

If you have any question or connection feel free to email both co-founders [email protected] and [email protected]

All the best,