24h Quick Reponse

A startup is a project that needs to have a scalable business plan, and Youcanevent does not drives away from that objective.

We are already working for several cities around the world, such as Oporto, LA and London, having several suppliers and services available for any type of client.

Since we are a Startup we have a strong and innovative business model, that allows us to have several keywords that do not belong in our competitor’s dictionary, words like joy, quickness, availability and flexibility.

We do not say it without proofs, and we’ve got some examples like the Vancouver Economic Commission video with interview.

These events happened after our Free Event Consulting meeting and for our customers we have a 24/7 team, ready to answer to everything within the 24 hour time frame.

We use mainly our online services, but if it is required we can also book a meeting in person to make sure that you have the best experience as a customer.

By delivering up to 110% to every customer we are in a certain way, going against something that happens in the event planning business, where several suppliers or services usually take a long time to answer to the customer request. Something like 3 to 4 business days at least is the minimum that we’ve found until now.

With our 24h Quick Response, we are adding more value to our service that was always pleasing to every customer. This service is also part of our Quality Certificate that we guarantee to every service.

If you know someone that needs a quick response to something that he’s planning talk with us and book a meeting. Anytime, anywhere!

It will be the best present that you can offer to a friend.

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