What’s the pain that you feel when planning an event?

There is a pain when planning an event. Since there are lots and lots of businesses in this market it is hard to find the good ones.

You can find specialized businesses that make corporate events, weddings, meetups, conferences or summits. In this companies, you can see in their portfolio several kinds of services that somethings have no connection at all. You can see detailed decorative material, with lots of details, or technical machines to make an audiovisual show together in the same company and with such lower prices that you cannot compete with. But be aware that most of the time this is something that is not effective.

Have you ever tried to catch a fish with your hands only? It’s pretty hard and almost impossible. That’s how most of the customers that usually hire this type of services feel. Mainly because they don’t know anything about them or the work that they’ve done before, and therefore accept the conditions that they offer, feel frustrated and tend to not hire them again. This frustration comes because most of these businesses only have an offline portfolio without having nothing to show for their past services. Also, there is a somewhat lack of effort to give the best experience to the client since they have lots and lots of requests every day.

Until today all the main clients that we had, came to meet us with this pain and problem. Lots of them have experienced others type of services before reaching out to us. Since we are a startup sometimes is hard to show that we provide the exact same service. But we add some key features that others cannot do.

Our solution is simple, effective and up to the task since every service that we provided was fulfilled with 100% effectiveness keeping the customer always happy. That’s why our motto at this time is “No Stress. Easy Event Planning”.

How do we provide lots of services you ask? We simply connect the client with our specialized companies for the service that they want.

So, before reaching out to another supplier or service just remember that not everything that looks good from the outside is good on the inside and there is a lack of consistency in most of the businesses that provide several types of services at the same time.

We’re here to solve that pain and to help you plan your event easily!

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