With the Covid-19 global catastrophe, the event, retail, entertainment and hospitality industries were highly affected and are in great danger.

Thousands of talented employees were unfortunately laid off, and now more than ever we must stand together to find creative solutions to rebuild the global economy, and keep these industries alive.

Youcanevent through the Global Aid initiative and HR departments, is actively onboarding Sales Representatives, Business Development Managers, Public Relations Managers and Interns to join open positions within the company.

Let's Save The Industry Together!

At Youcan, we love real-life experiences! Our dream is to connect the world through celebration and amazing experiences.

We understand that social distancing is key to control the spread of the virus, so we have leveraged our virtual technology to recreate physical spaces such as stores, exhibition halls, and event venues to stimulate the engagement of humans while staying at home.

Once the COVID-19 global pandemic get's controlled, we want local economies to strive using Youcan's virtual tool to engage customers, attendees, and fans both virtually and in real life. Technology has been pivotal in the world's development and we believe we must stand together as one now and rebuild our economies together.


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