Being an Entrepreneur on Startup Paradise XI

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Last day in Honolulu, Hawaii.

With 25 years old, as Co-founder & CEO of Youcanevent, Inc. I feel blessed.

What I’ve experienced this last 3 months, was something unbelievable.

We always think that things never come to an end, and yet they come.

Especially when things are coming to an end a lot of unexpected surprises happen, and the gift/reward that you were expecting starts gaining form.

I’m writing to you these words, in the HNL airport, stuck 6 hours on a delayed flight waiting for my “ride” to LA. Feeling like i’m inside of movie.

Laptop, people tired around me, thinking on their lives, and I am, getting prepared for the next stage that is starting now.

I need your help.. We want to build a world full with celebrations, we want to gather nations through the celebrations, and this is something that we can’t do alone.

Did you imagine, if we have the power to create a world wide brand, that will gather the entire world with a sense of real & physical engagement?

A brand that will turn the whole event organization in something easy?

Can you imagine the power of that? There are no language, religious or cultural barriers that doesn’t understand the power of celebration.

The world understands the language “celebration”. A smile, an unforgettable perfume, expressive eyes, the tears of collaboration, the voices of victory, they all belong to this wor(L)d — Celebration.

This is what keep us as Human Beings, that is what keeps Earth being Planet Earth.

We don’t know if the future will be controlled by AI, or any other kind of disruptive technology, but we do believe that the celebrations will be the moto and last salvation of the man kind.

So we are building our future.

The World Wide Celebration Brand.

(…) Think about that…

Now let’s rewind this last week. And start from the end.

Demo day. Pitching Youcanevent for more than 300 people with 50 investors.

Pitching is one of the most important things on the business sport. Not because just to raise money, but pitching is everything.

Pitching allows you to sell more, to get more talented team members, attract beneficial partnerships, and evangelize your vision with your community.

And we had on this demo day, one of the biggest and more important teachers of the art of starting a business.

A “guy” that wrote the “Art of Start 2.0”, his name, Guy Kawasaki.

For the ones that doesn’t know, Guy is a serial Keynote Speaker with a tremendous experience in Silicon Valley, highlighting one of his best experiences, by working closely with Steve Jobs at Apple Inc.

So we couldn’t have more inspiration for our public speaking than having such a symbol on our event.

@Antonio Trincao & Guy Kawasaki at Sullivan Conference Center
The Art of the Start 2.0 by Guy Kawasaki

Now, Youcanevent pitch. We tried to explain in a very simple and objective way the story behind the brand, the vision of the future and the next steps.

Please enjoy the video and give us your feedback.

Antonio Trincao Co-founder & CEO @Youcaenvent
Antonio Trincao Co-founder & CEO Youcanevent getting feedback from Sharks.

Also the whole Youcanevent team was around, exhibiting the startup to 300 participants.

Alysson Souza — CTO & Antonio Trincao — CEO & Thiago Martins — UX/UI

We are made of events, and our drive is to gather nations through celebrations, so we would never miss Hawaiian 4th of July.

One of the best events happening in Honolulu is Floatilla, where basically everyone bring their rafts and join the ocean anchoring in boats with full of music and party.

Antonio Trincao, Alysson Souza & Thiago Martins — 4th of July Honolulu

Was our last week in Honolulu, now is time to go to the Bay and set up our HQ.

Saying goodbye fro our office on BlueStartups HQ.

After this 3 months of this amazing journey we couldn’t leave Hawaii without meeting the magical North Shore, and thanks to our special friend Liz, we had the chance to travel all way up to the shore.

Antonio Trincao, Thiago Martins, Alysson Souz and Liz Morquecho

Hawaii, you have my heart with me, forever.

Antonio Trincao & Nature

See you soon,

Aloha is a life style,

Life is a celebration and we are here to sing and dance with her,

For the Youcanevent Family,

Antonio Trincao

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