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Youcan is helping governments in recreating their local economies by leveraging its virtual technology to thousands of SMBs, retail spaces and more.


With such uncertainty, many people are understandably hesitant about gathering in crowded public spaces, and that is hurting traffic to physical retailers, especially at malls, according to Coresight Research.

To prepare for a recession, one of the important things is to lower the cost of the business and that will impact on the cost of the product which will impact on your sales.

If you have a more competitive price, consequently businesses sell more.

But that’s not only it. From a virus-spread control, people will be reluctant to go to stores for a few more months, so whoever gives them a better online experience will win.

For entrepreneurs, business owners, and employees, would like to offer an alternative solution that recreates a physical store in a beautiful virtual experience.

This virtual experience alone empowers the retail industry, local economies, small stores, restaurants, malls, farmers markets, and many more.

Creating a virtual environment that represents the business brand and having curious customers joining the virtual environment, interacting with it, having their questions answered, trying clothes, seeing products, other people buying there, getting perks inside the store, playing games,

Literally recreating the interaction oh a physical space.

The store owner as the ability to connect with customers via video or chat through their favorite device either laptop or smartphone. The freedom of designing eye-captivating virtual environments that tell the story of your brand and engage customers, allows businesses to save money during this crisis and maintain the creativity and awareness at the top.

Test new collections, products, or ideas virtually and then bring them to reality.

Instead of trying a new collection and risking to spend a large sum of money and go wrong, let the virtual experience and customer engagement dictate what you should invest during this period.

It’s easy to track where people are staying more in the virtual real estate.

What products they are seeing the most, what they’re interacting the most in the store.

People go to an offline store because they want to engage while they’re shopping, but why not give that same engagement while they’re virtual?

Instead of having a simple online shopping with only products liste, let your customers experience your business in a different way.


At Youcanevent, we love in real life experiences.

Our dream is to connect the world through celebration, and bring humans together through amazing experiences.

We understand that social distancing is key to control the spread of the virus, and so we have leveraged our virtual technology to recreate physical spaces such as stores, concert halls, and event venues to stimulate the engagement of humans in the local economies while staying at home.

Once the COVID-19 global pandemic, get's controlled we want local economies to strive and now use the Youcan's virtual tool to engage customers, attendees and fans both virtually and in real life.

Technology has been pivotal in the world's development, and we believe that now we must stand together as one and rebuild our economies virtually, together.

Our mission

Let's rebuild your local economy,
Virtually together.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Dr. King




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