Our values:

  • Humbleness
  • Chamaleonic Spirit
  • Pro-active
  • Do because you believe
  • Desire to go beyond
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Becoming memorable
  • Everyone counts

"Become legendary."

  • Food as medicine
  • Mind, and body just one

What it looks like working at Youcanevent?

If you want to express yourself, go beyond what is expected to do in life, and believe that celebration is the ultimate way for human connections, you found your universe.

Youcanevent, is a family, brother/sisterhood, where no one stays behind. 

From the team members to the advisors, from the investors to partners everyone counts.

That's why everyone is deeply involved with the mission, business, and vision of the company. 

Our employees get nutrition plans, fitness plans, massages, unlimited and eco-friendly food at the office, access to special events, meditation sessions, and development of philanthropic initiatives.

The founders of Youcanevent, Inc. met at Azeituna, a non-profit organization in 2009 back in Portugal from their Minho University,

and early developed philanthropy initiatives to help the ones that needed the most.

The environment inside of this fast-growing company is electrifying, sharp, and happy.

We want you to become the best.

We really want to empower you with all the tools that you need to become the best version of yourself. 

If you want a true, transparent, genuine and pro-active work environment.

Welcome aboard,

Life is a celebration.

Sing and dance with her.

Our sayings

"We were what we were, to become who we are today."

"Express yourself."

"We want to become the #1, because of the required responsibility that takes becoming the #1. We love taking action."

"Life is a celebration, sing and dance with her."

Who we are looking for?

1.  People with "scars"

2. People that made their weaknesses their strengths

3. People that transformed rejection into fuel to thrive

4. People with an undesired life start

5. People from any part of the world and social status

6. People that dream about helping people

7. People that love music

8. People that love dance

9. People that love celebration

10. People that love the world and universe

Our customers, vendors, partners, and fans  

are family

We take care of our community. We advise them, we make them smile, we are brutally honest, we guide them, we work for them.

All the customers had an intense, genuine, and unforgettable experience after working with us.

Is not an easy task, but we want our customers to
create events that people love. 

Memorable event experiences


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